News Release
A research paper that details our technology "Effective generation of transgenic pigs and mice by linker based sperm-mediated gene transfer" has been published in the journal BMC Biotechnology (2002) 2:5 (19 April 2002), online at

BioAgri is collaborating with ten research institutions globally (United States, Canada, Taiwan, China and Korea) including three United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) research groups. One of the USDA research groups has confirmed our technology with high gene transfer efficiency in generating transgenic chickens.

We have given two oral presentations of our research results in transgenic pigs, goats and cows at the 2002 ADSA-ASAS meetings for farm animal research, and an oral presentation for generating transgenic chickens at the 2002 annual meeting of the Poultry Science Association.

BioAgri has been selected as an invited speaker for the 4th Transgenic Animal Research Conference, the highest level conference for transgenic farm animal scientists, which will be held August 10 - 14th, 2003.

iBanc Group, an investment banking company, have signed the agreement to seek pre-IPO funding for BioAgri. BioAgri is scheduled to go public in 2003.